A bird sanctuary in the North of Tasmania.



A swimming hole in the Douglas Apsling National Park.


My home.



Hiking in Wine Glass Bay.



Wine Glass Bay



The locals.


One day, we made the smart decision of going off the trail and following the coastline. What should have been a one hour walk turned into a nine hour adventure. Climbing cliffs up and down, walking through dense brush full of snakes (as seen above), having to swim through a freezing sea kelp bed, all in hopes that the end of the original trail would be around the next bend. As the last light was trickling away and are stomachs were growling from lack of food and water we arrived at the trail head. We quickly ran back to our mosquito net home to avoid getting lost again in the dark and freezing. Ahhhh, a bed, water, and food at last.

Only to discover that the possums had attacked the mosquito net and eaten the kiwis.

When I laid down to sleep, surrounded by all the strange foreign sounds of the wilderness, I was happy to be alive.




I'm just hitching in the rain, hitching in the rain. What a glorious feeling, I'm happy again.



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